Frequently Asked Questions

We are always delighted to hear from our customers and will respond to all questions we receive. We believe personal experiences of taking Arterial Formulation, perceived as good or bad, should be shared to enable others to learn as much about our product as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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I noticed that the seal on my tub was slightly raised on one edge when I first opened it, although the folded down prongs were all still engaged?

Is Arterial Formulation suitable for vegetarians?

Salutem Supplements Answer:

Yes! Arterial Formulation is suitable for vegetarians and contains no traces of meat, fish, eggs or dairy.

Is it better to take Arterial Formulation with or without food?

At what time of the day is it best to drink Arterial Formulation?

Why should I buy your L-Arginine product when I have seen cheaper capsules and powders in the health store?

How should I store Arterial Formulation?

I have just started taking Arterial Formulation and have been taking it for 3 days now and whilst I am not sure it is because of your product - I have had an upset stomach?

I have seriously reduced kidney function, sleep apnoea and high blood pressure reading 163/90. I have taken a product similar to yours in the past – which seemed to help keep my health under control. I need to address my current blood pressure levels and am currently taking prescription medication, which has recently been adjusted. I would appreciate any feedback you may be able to give me in relation to your product Arterial Formulation?

What kind of L-Arginine do you use in Arterial Formulation?

My Arterial Formulation tastes different and seems to be stronger in flavour and more ‘sour/tart’ as I get further down the tub?

Why does the product scoop in the container show a measure of 15 at the top – when a full scoop is 10g of Arterial Formulation?

My partner and I seem to experience a different taste when taking Arterial Formulation? He finds it ‘sharper’ with a slight ‘undertone’ and does not like it as much as I do?

From what source is the L-Citrulline used in Arterial Formulation derived?

Why does Arterial Formulation sometime set/solidify in the tub?

From what source is the Vitamin K2 used in Arterial Formulation derived?

I am finding that your product has a slight bitter taste?

Why is the tub only approximately half full of the Arterial Formulation product?

I have researched dosage of L-Arginine and understand that it is ok for me to take more than one scoop of Arterial Formulation as the measure contains around 5g of L-Arginine and it is safe to take much more than that. I am currently taking two scoops, one in the morning and one in the evening.

How do I know that I am getting the correct ingredient measures in the 300g tub and per 10g scoop as stated on the label?

I am taking more than one scoop a day of Arterial Formulation – is doubling the dose of Vitamin D3 ok?

From what source is the Vitamin D3 used in Arterial Formulation derived?

The powder in my tub has become solid?

What sweetener is used in Arterial Formulation?

Can children take Arterial Formulation?

Will Arterial Formulation improve my blood pressure readings?

Will Arterial Formulation help with my Osteoarthritis?

Is Arterial Formulation produced in a factory that also produces products that contain nuts?

I am a diabetic. Can I take Arterial Formulation?

I have noticed on a couple of occasions an increase in my heart rate after taking Arterial Formulation?

Do you add salt to Arterial Formulation?

I am scheduled in for surgery, should I stop taking Arterial Formulation?

I have been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation – is it ok for me to take Arterial Formulation?

I have just received my new tub of Arterial Formulation and when I mix up the powder it has a slightly different colour from my last tub and tastes stronger, it is more berry like in flavour and slightly sharper?

I am on blood pressure medication. Is it ok to take Arterial Formulation?

I have been prescribed a Vitamin D3 supplement by my doctor – 800iu in one daily tablet. Arterial Formulation already delivers 1000iu in a 10g scoop. Is it ok to continue to take Arterial Formulation?

How quickly should I drink Arterial Formulation?

I am on the blood thinning drug warfarin, is it ok to take Arterial Formulation?

My tub of Arterial Formulation lasted less than 30 days? Did my tub contain less powder than it should have done?


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